A lifetime of serving the community

Dr. Farizani is loyal to the Hillcroft/Gulfton community. She has successfully participated in or initiated important community projects such as the expansion of Hillcroft Street. She has also led the effort for significant repairs and improvement to the area’s drainage system.

Dr. Farizani and her husband, Dr. Hamid Razavi, also helped found and housed the first Charter Schools in the area. They also made an in-kind donation of four acres of land for a community center which houses a school, medical and dental clinic, a library and helps the people of the area.



The couple were instrumental in the building of a City of Houston Community Center as well as the initiative to widening of Hillcroft Street during the last 20 years which all added to the development of the Gulfton area. Drs Farizani and Razavi accommodated the City of Houston – Health Department to occupy 2000 square feet of Hillcroft Physician’s building for two years at no cost until they moved to their new location.



The Harris County Health Department granted Hillcroft Physicians a contract enabling it to be the primary healthcare facility in Harris County for new immigrants until it ultimately opened its own clinic years later. The YMCA International, Catholic Charities and Alliance for Refugees referred their patients to Hillcroft for their healthcare needs. The Hillcroft Physicians medical team served not only as healthcare providers but also nutritionists, counselors and social workers for these patients as many suffer from severe post-traumatic stress disorder, (PTSD).



The charitable work goes beyond the immediate area around Hillcroft Physicians, P.A. as Dr. Farizani have donated thousands of dollars to local and national non-profit organizations which has been acknowledged by many organizations over the years. It is the goal of Dr. Farizani to continue this charitable work and upon completion of converting the clinic to a comprehensive multi-specialty medical center to donate the entity to a charity or non-profit organization. Their ultimate goal is to give back what was given to them in the country they love and the community they care for.